Learning for Social Impact


Change Maker Education...Building the future of higher education. The Learning Lab develops and teaches interdisciplinary, experiential, and social entrepreneurial

programs for societal development.


Designing & Facilitating Transformative Learning Spaces 


We use lab methodologies to explore and design transformational learning environments, schools, and new educational futures. They integrate practice, theory,

and capacity building for educators, students, leadership and partners .We develop labs as vehicle for strategic organisational learning and innovation, or as facilitated

environment for multi stakeholder social change initiatives. Social innovation is first and foremost a learning process. Labs provide the flexible structure and

facilitation in which organisations, talent, and leadership learn and develop new capabilities to explore and realise impact. They produce social, economic, human,

or intellectual capital. Our  Lab, which we developed with Studio Zeitgeist, offers a transformation space for navigating uncertainty with trust strategic focus.

Why Labs ?



Labs give insight into the bigger picture and map root causes of societal and organisational issues with all affected stakeholders. These different perspectives are

essential in order to reframe challenges, find the deeper causes, develop possible solutions together, and mobilise support from a vast network that can help

implement and sustain solutions. They also allow different disciplines of knowledge to be used and produced.


Hands-On Learning

Labs provide a facilitated learning space to prototype early versions of possible solutions, connect real stakeholders, and embody change so that 1) ideas do not

remain ideas, but are grounded in real world feedback/feedforward, 2) real world situations can enable deep learning, 3) taking risks is less costly. Often Labs include

training and capacity building for co-creation, leadership and social entrepreneurship.


Facilitate change

Labs facilitate and host participatory design and personal transformation processes with a wide variety of methods and tools, but most of all by use of able facilitators.

They create a new playing field and a safe, collaborative, and experimental space. Our labs develop self-organizing capacities and distributed leadership. We believe

that in order to make a significant change in the exterior world, one has to make an equal change inside.